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Compressor Repair

If you have a problem with your compressor we can help. Our team of qualified engineers are able to diagnose and repair most problems on site.

Fault on your air compressor? Give us a call on 01480 217904 we may be able to help over the phone!

Our experts will be happy to talk through your options with you before doing any work on your machine.

Here are some common problems you might be experiencing and a potential cause/solution.

Problem Cause/Solution

Compressor Overheating

Poor ventilation

Low on oil – always use correct compressor oil

Thermostatic valve not working

Dirt or obstruction in oil lines

Blocked cooler

Oil down line

Stopping machine on the emergency stop

Separator faulty – has it been serviced?

Problem with scavenge line


Oil overfilled

Wrong oil used

Minimum pressure valve not working

Compressor will not start

Power failure

Low on compressor oil

Pressure switch not making contact or faulty

Check emergency stop button is out

Check and reset the overload relay

Compressor unusally noisy

Belts slipping or broken

Faulty bearings in air end

Damaged air end

Compressor runs but will not load

Check operation of solenoid valve and coil

Check inlet/loading valve

Insufficient pressure

Air leak in system

Unusally high air demand

Defective or clogged filter or separator

Service needed

Inlet valve not fully open

Too much oil consumption

Defective or clogged filter

Leaking oil lines