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Air compressor installation

Having a high quality installation is as important as having the right air compressorinstallations

A poorly designed compressed air system can increase energy costs, promote equipment failure and increase maintenance requirements. It can also produce production inefficiencies including downtime. It is important that both the air compressor installation and pipework installation is done correctly to get optimum efficiency out of the complete system.


Compressor and downstream equipment installation

The compressor, dryer, receiver and filters all need to be specified correctly to ensure your compressed air system can meet your requirements. These then need to be installed correctly to get design performance out of each. Things that need to considered are:

  • Space – there needs to be adequate space around the compressor and dryer for servicing and cooling
  • Access – air compressors tend to be heavy items that need to be replaced from time to time. Compressors really need to be installed on ground floor plant rooms with access for large pieces of plant and machinery. Installing compressors on a roof tends to be problematic for many reasons.
  • Ventilation – a compressor requires a large amount of cool, clean air in order to keep it running at optimum temperatures. If the ambient temperature of incoming air increases this results in higher energy usage and could result in damage to the compressor.
  • Protection – the compressor and dryer need to be protected from dust and grit, oil vapour, water, mechanical damage and excessive heat or cold.
  • Power supplies – Air compressors use lots of energy. The main power supply needs to be sized to meet these requirements. Other items also need electrical power supplies including dryers and drains.
  • Foul water drain –  Condensate from the compressed air dryer needs to be drained into a foul water drain after passing through an oil and water condensate cleaner.

Our sales engineers are experienced in specifying and designing bespoke compressed air plant room and pipework installations. We can design and install a complete system or we can just add an extra drop or make a modification to your existing ring-main. We can either give a quotation based on a drawing or sketch or do a full on-site survey. We usually look to come to site to complete a site survey and to better understand your requirements and your specific location. We can normally guide on installation process and layout of the compressed air system.


Pipework installationsinstallations

Our installation and pipework engineers are experienced in installing compressed air pipework installations for your worksite.  The purpose of the compressed air pipe system is to deliver compressed air to the points of use. The compressed air needs to be delivered with enough volume, appropriate air quality and pressure to properly power the tools in your workplace. In most applications we recommend a ring main system with drops down as this allows equal air flow around the ring-main and to each drop and individual tool.


We offer medium galvanised steel or aluminium Airnet or TESEO pipe and fittings and we can recommend which would best suit your worksite.

Galvanised steel is more robust so in an area that is prone to impacts may be more durable. AIRnet and TESEO are more modern aluminium pipework systems. These are quicker to install, lighter weight, corrosion resistant and leak free. No gluing, welding, threading or crimping is required. The aluminium systems are also easier to modify once installed and generally easier to work with.

Our pipework team are experienced, fully trained and will comply with all your worksite Health and Safety requirements.