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ABAC Genesis 5.5-22Kw

The ABAC Genesis screw compressor range (5.5-22KW) offers an all-in-one compressed air workstation. The Genesis package includes a rotary screw compressor, refrigerant dryer,  filtration and auto-drain in a single compact unit. The ABAC Genesis is a market-leading solution to a variety of compressed air applications.


Why choose an ABAC Genesis Screw Compressor?




Clean, dry air ready to use where you need it.

All Genesis screw compressors have an integrated dryer which will remove any moisture in your air before point-of-use. Any excess water which does collect will be removed via the automatic condensate drain.

In addition every Genesis unit has a filtration system which removes any solid and liquid particles to 3 micron. The result of this is clean, dry air suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.





Intelligent Design.

The Genesis screw compressor range has been designed with the end-user in mind. This complete compressed air workstation has a footprint of just 0.70m2 (5-15KW series) or 1.50m2 (18-22KW series).

All service items including belts, filters and oil-level indicator are well-positioned to make maintenance as efficient and quick as possible saving you money and down-time. Even the internals of the machine have been properly thought out with independent motor-cooling ensuring that the machine is running at optimum temperature even in extreme conditions.



Industry-Leading Components.

All models in the ABAC Genesis range come with the new MC2 controller which gives you more control over your compressed air system. Menus and key performance indicators are easily accessed giving you the information you need to run your system efficiently. The MC2 also features a remote control interface with up to 4 other compressors, programmed routine maintenance and fault logging.

The new generation air end guarantees you superior free air delivery efficiency, improved robustness and reliability at no extra cost.



Variable Speed Technology.

For maximum efficiency the Genesis screw compressor is also available with an inverter which adds variable speed technology to the compressor. 

Most of the time, the air consumption in your network is fluctuating rather than constant. A variable speed compressor adjusts the speed of the main motor to match the required compressed air consumption. This results in considerable savings on your energy bill. In addition an inverter reduces the current on start, protecting the motor and reducing power consumption.

Find out more about the benefits of a GENESIS with variable speed technology.






ABAC Genesis

Below is the full specifications of the Genesis range, if you have any queries or need advice on the best machine to suit your needs please don’t hesitate to call us on 01480 217904 or contact us via email.

Genesis table