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Downstream Equipment

Downstream equipment including dryers, filters, receivers and pipework

ABAC offer a wide range of downstream equipment for your compressed air system. The purpose of this downstream equipment is to clean, dry and store the compressed air that your air compressor makes. It also has many other benefits including
  • improving efficiency of your compressed air system,
  • improving the life and longevity of your compressed air system (dryers, pipework, regulators etc)
  • improving the life and longevity of your downstream equipment and plant (stopping water and contaminants reaching your production machinery)
  • improving the quality of your end product (by preventing water and contaminants from the compressed air reaching your end product)
If you have any queries on getting the most out of your system or want advice on which specific ancillaries might benefit your air application please call us on 01480 217904 or email us  
ABAC downstream equipment | ABAC dryers | Airpower UK


Our range of ABAC dryers will ensure your compressed air system is operating with dry air, improving the lifespan of both your compressor and air tools. Find out more about our range of dryers    
ABAC downstream equipment | ABAC filters | Airpower UK


Filtration is key to providing clean air at the point of use on your compressed air system and can also improve the lifespan of your air tools. Our range of ABAC compressed air filters can help you achieve this. Find out more about our range of filters We also offer a range of Domnick Hunter filters which you can buy online here.    
ABAC downstream equipment | ABAC receivers | Airpower UK


Your can utilise an air receiver to run your system more efficiently as they store large amounts of compressed air which can then be used as and when required. We offer a range of vertical air receivers with capacity from 270 to 5000 litres. Find out more about our range of ABAC air receivers      
downstream equipment | pipework | Airpower UK


We can offer galvanised steel and Airnet aluminium compressed air pipework and fittings on a supply-only basis. If required we can also design, quote and install your pipework – click here to find out more. Find out more about our range of pipework    
ABAC downstream equipment | ABAC filters | Airpower UK

Miscellaneous Ancillaries

Our range of miscellaneous ancillaries include oil water separators and electronic autodrains. Find out more about our range of other ancillaries