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Vacuum and blowers

Vacuum and low pressure blowersElmo Rietschle logo

Airpower UK offer a range of vacuum and low pressure blower solutions for customers with the specialist needs that are best met by these types of machine. Through our partners, Elmo Rietschle, we are able to offer some of the best performing and most reliable vacuum and low pressure blower products on the market today. For help with your current or planned vacuum system contact us.


Low pressure blowers – low pressure / high volume air

When you have a requirement for low pressure and moderate to high volume air then a blower may be a better solution than a traditional air compressor. Blowers tend to be cheaper to buy, run and maintain than traditional air compressors. Low pressure in this context is up to around 2 bar (gauge). Normally blowers benefit from being totally oil free. Blowers are idea for applications where moderate to large volumes of low pressure air is required.

Low pressure blowers are used in many applications including food, pharmaceutical, agriculture, printing, environmental and are ideal for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, water treatment (eg biological treatment and filter flushing), animal feed mixing as well as industrial cooling.


Vacuum – negative pressurevacuum pump

Vacuum is a necessary power source in many industrial applications. It is used for multiple tasks, the most common of which are component picking and placing, picking things up, moving items, component drying. It is also commonly used in packaging, food, heat treatment, assembly, chemical / pharmaceutical industries in a wide range of applications.

Vacuum pumps need to be sized to the specific usage and application so it is necessary to get a good understanding of what a pump will be used for before we can propose a solution.

For all your low pressure blower and vacuum requirements come and talk to Airpower UK