Saving energy on compressed air equipment

Whether your concerns lie in saving costs or environmental issues reducing the amount of power required to run a compressed air system can make a big difference to your organisation.These are some ideas to think about:

Checking for leaks on your compressed air system
Approximately £100,000,000.00 worth of electricity is wasted each year in the UK because of the all to familiar hiss of compressed air escaping from a leak. The most common places to find leaks is on worn quick release couplings and pipework joints.

We can quote to complete remedial work to your compressed air system please speak to one of our engineers on 01480 217904.
If you do have leaks it is particularly important to shut down your air compressor when not in use.

Variable speed drive air compressors
A VSD air compressor offers great savings of up to 40% on your electrical costs. The more fluctuation there is in your compressed air demand the greater the savings potential from using VSD equipment. A variable speed drive air compressor works by varying the amount of power going to the motor based on the demand for compressed air. Typical savings range from 20-35% in a standard environment.
When are VSD’s not so good?
The inverter inside a variable speed drive is a fragile piece of equipment. We would not recommend putting a VSD air compressor in an environment where it is exposed to excessive heat or dust. Or if your compressed air consumption does not fluctuate very much.For further information on energy saving air compressors please call us on 01480 217904.

Air compressor management equipment
When using multiple air compressors they are often linked via the existing controllers. While this works fine there are potential savings using a centralised compressed air management board. Potential energy savings vary greatly depending on the set up of the compressors however the largest savings are available when there are machines of different sizes operating together.

Reducing pressure
A 1 bar reduction in your operating pressure can reduce energy costs by 4%.
If you would like to know more about saving energy with compressed air equipment please do not hesitate to contact us on 01480 217904.

Further information on these issues can be found on the Carbon Trust website.