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Air compressor servicing

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Your compressor works hard for you, day in day out. As with your car, which needs servicing every year (or more if you do a higher mileage), your air compressor needs to be serviced once a year or more to keep it running efficiently and reliably. Most piston and rotary screw air compressors are oil lubricated. The quality of the lubricating fluid degrades over time and the filters that clean the oil can also start to get blocked.

The lubricating fluid is the key to the life and efficiency of your compressor, if the oil degrades or the filters become blocked your compressor will wear eventually leading to un-repairable damage to the interior of the compressor. Air/oil separators get blocked up and this reduces the efficiency of the machine as well as causing problems with oil carry over. The same thing happens to line filters and inlet air filters, after a certain amount of time the filtration material gets contaminated and the pressure differential increases causing unnecessary load on the air end or pistons.

A regular routine service program can prolong the life span of your compressor dramatically. Our team of trained service engineers are available to create and implement maintenance plans to ensure your system is in top condition throughout the year.

One off service or 3 year service agreement the choice is yours

We offer a range of service options depending on your particular situation.

One off service – servicing in your hands. Simply call us when you want your compressor serviced. We will give you a quote and once agreed get the necessary parts in, arrange a time to do the work and attend site to do the service. Normally we will then remind you annually that you compressor is ready for the next service. If you are running a lot during the year you need to tell us each time the compressor needs a service.

Annual service agreement – With an annual service agreement we agree upfront how many services you need in a 12 month period. We give you a quote to cover the full year. On acceptance we will then schedule the services on our system and arrange for the parts to be available when the next service is due. We will contact you at the time, saying your compressor is due a service, arrange a suitable time, come to site to complete the work. We issue an invoice only for the work done after we have completed the work.

3 year service agreement – exactly as per the annual service agreement except it covers the next 3 years. The quote we give shows a fixed annual price that is valid for the next 3 years. We guarantee to hold the quoted prices for 3 years. This means you don’t have to worry about parts price increases. Again we will contact you when your compressor is due a service and will only invoice you for the work done after the work has been completed.


Next generation Ingersoll Rand R series nirvana 7-11kw TAS screw compressor | Airpower UKHow can we help?

Our team are well-experienced in dealing with all elements of compressed air systems; screw, piston and variable speed compressors, dryers, filtration, breathing-air equipment and pipework. In addition our engineers are trained to maintain all major manufacturers including ABAC, Alup, Almig, Atlas Copco, Compair, Ingersoll Rand, HPC, Hydrovane and Fini. No matter what make or model of compressor you have we can offer a competitive price for your servicing. Call us on 01480 217904 or email us to get a quote and see how much we can save you on your maintenance costs.  



Indicators that your compressor requires a service: > Compressor cutting out > Fault indicator on control panel > Oil leaking from air intake > Reduced output from compressor > Compressor overheating > Oil in compressed air delivery-line

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