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ABAC Formula 30-75Kw

The ABAC Formula 30-75KW screw compressor range offer the ideal combination of performance, reliability and compactness. With a footprint of just 1.2m2 or 1.8m2 the FORMULA offers a very high air output with a small space requirement. This larger range of FORMULA machines benefits from all the design and performance features of it’s smaller brother but feature a larger air end and canopy, increased free air delivery figures and more insulation for a quieter compressor.

Why choose an ABAC Formula Screw Compressor?


Quiet and efficient clean air production. 

The Formula E series come with an energy efficient integrated refrigerant dryer to remove moisture and a silent automatic condensate drain.

To ensure the air is suitable for even the most demanding pneumatic applications the Formula E comes equipped with filtration to remove solid and liquid particles to 0.1 micron. The end result is clean, dry air at the point-of-use.



Quality Components. 

The Formula range come with the new MC2 controller which gives you more control over your compressed air system. Menus and key performance indicators are easily accessed giving you the information you need to run efficiently.

The MC2 also features a remote control interface with up to 4 other compressors, programmed routine maintenance and fault logging. The new generation air end guarantees you superior free air delivery efficiency, improved robustness and reliability at no extra cost.



Variable Speed Technology 

The Formula I series are equipped with an inverter which adds variable speed technology to the compressor. Most of the time, the air consumption in your network is fluctuating rather than constant. A variable speed compressor adjusts the speed of the main motor to match the required compressed air consumption.

This results in considerable savings on your energy bill. In addition an inverter reduces the current on start, protecting the motor and reducing power consumption.

Find out more about the benefits of a Formula with variable speed technology.

Below is a full specification list for the Formula series, including I variations, if you have any queries or need advice on selecting a machine to suit your needs don’t hesitate to contact us.