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Piston air compressors

Low cost, reliable, convenient air compressors

Piston air compressors are generally peoples first experience of air compressors, they are normally everyones entry machine into the air compressor market. Small piston machines are low cost to buy and run. Despite being low cost they are reliable and are very popular with small workshops and one man bands. If your air requirement is relatively small and ad-hoc (ie not constant), piston machines are ideal.

Whilst small piston machines offer a good supply of compressed air there are some issues that need to be considered.

Note: These notes relates to small low cost aluminium piston compressors not necessarily the more expensive, larger, cast iron type.

  • Piston machines tend to provide a relatively small volume of air
  • Small piston machines typically have a utilisation rate of 50% They should only be actually running for a maximum of 50% of the time they are turned on for
  • They tend to be noisy 90+dBA
  • The air quality can be relatively poor with high levels of oil carry over


ABAC aluminium piston compressors

ABAC piston compressors balance high user comfort with great durability and efficient performance. The ABAC range of piston compressors offer something to meet all needs – including small portable compressors on wheels, oil-free compressors, vertical-standing compressors for when space is at a premium, and even large, full-feature, silenced piston compressors.

ABAC piston compressors | air compressor | air power UK

A29 PRO Range

The ABAC A29 PRO range of one stage belt driven compressors offer user friendliness and low operating temperatures. They are the perfect choice for customers seeking a great value compressor. The A29 PRO range are ideal for grinding and small hammering operations, as well as ratcheting and wrenching.

A29 pro range of ABAC piston compressors | air compressor | air power UK

Machines have the maximum number of feet with rubber bumpers or blockable pivot wheels, providing the safest and best stability possible. The A29 PRO range offers different power sizes and tank capacities while all models are built with the highest care for detail and quality.

A39 PRO Range

The ABAC A39 PRO range of one stage belt driven compressors offer reliable power and performance in combination with user friendly features. The PRO A39 range performs more heavy-duty tasks but still offers you great flexibility and ease of operations. The features bring extra value to how you can use your compressor for tasks such as hammering, sanding, professional painting and hammering.

A39 pro range of ABAC piston compressors | air compressor | air power UK

All the units are equipped with ABAC’s innovative belt guard to provide optimal air flow over the pump. The pumps are running at low speed and come with aftercoolers to further reduce operating temperatures. The A39 PRO range offers larger size motors and greater tank capacities for more heavy duty tasks.

B4900-7000 PRO Range

The B4900-7000 PRO range of two stage belt driven compressors offer double compression providing bigger flows and higher pressure. In two stage compressors, the air is compressed two times. The ABAC range has highly reliable components and is seen as proven technology. Furthermore, the durability is combined with the user comfort you can expect from this type of high level performance.

As the compressors are providing bigger airflows and they are achieving higher operating pressures, it makes them suitable for most professional and semi-industrial applications such as grinding, wrenching, professional painting and sanding.

Silent Piston Compressor Range

The ABAC A29, A39 and B4900-6000 range of machines are also available as silenced piston compressors. These compressors include an innovative silencing cover which reduces noise to create a more comfortable work environment for the operator, and ensures higher levels of protection and safety. The ABAC Silent piston compressor range offers all the benefits and performance of the PRO range with increased end-user comfort.

silenced ABAC piston compressors | air compressor | air power UK

The Silent range also includes larger models with motors up to 7.5KW which are available base-mounted or on a 500 litre air receiver.

If having a quiet-running compressor is important for your air application we would recommend considering our range of Screw Compressors. You can also read an article we have written discussing the cost of silenced machines and their value by clicking here

Below you will find sales catalogues including full specifications for all our ranges of piston machines, if you have any queries or would like advice on choosing a machine you can contact us on 01480 217904 or use our email form.