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Screw air compressors

The standard air compressor for industryTAS screw air compressor | Airpower UK

Screw air compressors have rapidly taken over from piston compressors to become the ‘standard technology’ for modern compressors. The majority of compressors found in the most companies (but the very smallest) will be based on screw technology. Screw compressors have many advantages over the older traditional piston units.

  • Higher overall efficiency than equivalent piston machine
  • Capable of 100% duty (ie running full time)
  • Lower noise
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Higher flow rates possible
  • Smaller footprint than equivalent piston machine


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ABAC genesis screw air compressorsScrew air compressors – sizing

Screw compressors are typically sized based on the rated power of the fitted motors. The larger the KW rating of the motor the higher the power and the higher the flow rate of compressed air. Screw compressors typically range from between 5.5 kw and 250+ kw, giving flow rates of between 10cfm and 1,500cfm at 8 bar.


Screw air compressors – pressure rating

Screw compressors are given a specific operating pressure during build. This often can be changed after manufacture but usually requires different parts to be fitted to achieve different specified pressures. Screw compressors, when manufactured are usually specified with an operating pressure of either 8 bar, 10 bar or 13bar.



Screw air compressor controllerScrew air compressors – controllers

Nowadays almost all screw compressors are fitted with some form of electronic controller. These controllers manage the basic running of the compressor and usually have some sort of fault diagnosing function. Typically, if the controller identifies something within the compressor not working as expected it will shut down the compressor to prevent damage.

More advanced controllers can manage multiple machines, co-ordinating when different machines switch on to provide the necessary air at minimal energy cost.



Screw compressor configurationCutaway screw air compressor

Screw air compressors are big and heavy bits of equipment, with larger units weighing well over a tonne. Even the smallest units will often weigh several hundred kg’s. This robustness is required since the air compressor has to cope with a huge amount of energy to make the compressed air. This results in the need for big, heavy components and big heavy motors. To reduce the foot print (space required) for all the equipment required to create, clean and store your compressed air smaller screw compressors, up to about 30 kw, are often available as a ‘total air solution’ package, where the compressor and often a dryer is mounted on a horizontal receiver. All the internal air connections are included within the TAS system so all you need is to wire the system into the electrical supply, connect the compressed air outlet and you have a fully up and running compressed air system.


Our product offering

We are distributors for ABAC air compressors, Alup air compressors and Ingersoll Rand air compressors. The products we can offer cover the full spectrum of industrial machines on the market today. For more information on the products we can offer click on the links below

ABAC – ABAC offer primarily smaller sized high quality, robust air compressors ideally suited to light engineering and assembly operations.

ALUP – ALUP offer larger machines, with great reliability, quality and energy efficiency

Ingersoll Rand – Ingersoll Rand is one of the oldest air compressor manufacturers in the world. The machines it supply are some of the most efficient and highest quality units available on the market today.

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