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Air Compressors

Airpower UK are proud to offer air compressors from both Ingersoll Rand and ABAC compressors

Being able to offer both Ingersoll Rand and ABAC air compressors means that we can offer our customers exactly the compressor they need for every situation. Ingersoll Rand manufacture some of the best, most technologically advanced air compressors on the market today. ABAC air compressors are some of the most popular machines in the market, with a lower price point but still with excellent quality and reliability ideal for everyday usage.


ABAC offer one of the biggest range of compressors on the market today

We offer a vast range of air compressors to suit almost every application – whether you require a small portable piston compressor or a large industrial screw compressor we can help. Selecting the right compressor is essential to ensure your machine suits your individual needs and the system is running at optimal efficiency. If you have any queries or need advice on choosing a compressor you can contact us on 01480 217904 or email us.


ABAC piston compressors | air compressors | air power UK

ABAC Piston Compressors

A piston compressor is a cost-effective option for smaller, non-continuous applications where noise levels are not an issue. Our range of ABAC Pro piston compressors cover most small to medium applications and offer great value for money.

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ABAC screw compressors | air compressors | air power UK

ABAC Screw Air Compressors 2-30KW

A screw compressor offers superior efficiency and is first choice for any application where noise is an issue or the compressor needs to run continuously. We offer a large range of ABAC screw compressors to suit most industrial applications, including the very well know all inclusive GENESIS range and cost effective SPINN range.

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ABAC industrial screw compressors | air compressors | air power UK

ABAC and ALUP industrial compressors 30KW+

For large industrial applications with higher levels of air consumption look at our range of industrial compressors 30KW+.



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Ingersoll Rand offer the most advanced & efficient air compressors in the market today

Ingersoll Rand offer some of the most technically advanced and most efficient air compressors in the market today. Ingersoll Rand oil-flooded rotary screw compressors offer the very best of time-proven designs and technologies with new, advanced features that ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity available. At Ingersoll Rand, we not only provide world-class products and support, but the peace of mind that comes from our commitment to stand behind our customers in all aspects of what we do. Ingersoll Rand compressors are fitted with some of the latest technology available includingNext generation Ingersoll Rand R series nirvana 7-11kw TAS screw compressor | Airpower UK

  • Bespoke manufactured air ends
  • Next level, high efficiency I4 motors
  • Huge product range from 4kw up to 200kw and above

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