Oil water separators

Compressed air holds a lot of water vapour, and once that vapour becomes cooled into a liquid (condensate) what’s generated is a dirty, emulsified oil-water mixture that can not simply be poured down the drain. Environmental regulations such as Water Resources Act and Hazardous Waste regulations strictly prohibit the uncontrolled disposal of oily wastes and chemicals, including … Continue reading “Oil water separators”

Teseo pipework systems

Teseo PipeWork Systems Airpower is pleased to announce that we have agreed terms with Teseo to distribute and install their new pipework systems. This new age pipe boasts a range of advantages against galvanised steel or other standard pipe and fittings. Why use a Teseo System? The choice of Teseo modern modular piping system in … Continue reading “Teseo pipework systems”

We have moved

Airpower UK has moved to bigger and better premises in Flitwick, Beds. We will still be available on the existing 01480 217904 phone number. Full details of move will be sent to existing customers.