Compressor Servicing

A regular routine maintenance program can prolong the life span of your compressor dramatically. Most piston and rotary screw air compressors are oil lubricated and the quality of the lubricating fluid degrades over time in the same way that this occurs in a car. Air/oil separators get blocked up and this reduces the efficiency of … Continue reading “Compressor Servicing”

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our customers! We hope that 2017 brings continued co-operation and success for your business and ours. This year we will be focusing on offering our customers even more choice of machines with new ranges of screw and piston compressors available very soon. If you need any impartial advice on upgrading … Continue reading “Happy New Year”

Air Compressor Hire

Air Compressor Hire Why not hire your screw compressor rather than buy it? We can offer new machines from 5.5 kW to 15 kW for hire on the following conditions: Minimum 12 months hire All service work and repairs included. The compressor can come with a receiver and dryer if required. Ideal if you intend … Continue reading “Air Compressor Hire”

Air Compressor Oil

Air Compressor Lubricants (Oil) You need to ensure that you use the correct type of oil in your air compressor. We can supply the following products however different types of oil must not be mixed together. Therefore when changing a machine over to a different grade of oil every drop of the old oil must … Continue reading “Air Compressor Oil”