5 Benefits of Airnet Compressed Air Aluminium Pipework

The Airnet system of aluminium compressed air pipework has become increasingly popular in recent years. We are experiencing more and more clients who are actively requesting this type of system over a traditional galvanised steel installation. We are going to examine the main benefits of Airnet aluminium compressed air pipework.

1. Full Customisation

The Airnet system includes a full range of floor and wall fixings to give you ultimate customisation over your system design. This means you can install your compressed air system to meet your exact needs – if you have a mezzanine floor or need compressed air at all 4 corners of your workshop this is easily achievable with Airnet.

2. Ultimate Flexibility 

The beauty of the Airnet system is that it can be easily modified even after the main installation has been completed. Connections to your compressed air applications can be easily dismantled and reassembled to create (or connect to) new pipework systems. The Airnet quick drop fittings allow you to drill a hole in the side of an existing pipe and fit a new drop without removing any of the main pipework. Furthermore, Airnet is also compatible with any existing pipe work and equipment.

3. Simple & Quick Installation

Airnet aluminium pipework can be installed in a third of the time of a traditional galvanised steel pipework system, meaning a lower installation cost for the consumer. We also supply Airnet on apply-only basis meaning that customers are able to do self-installs. The AIRnet unique assembly system makes installation incredibly simple; no complex tools or specialist skills are required. There are 3 simple steps to making each connection; cut the pipe to length and deburr, insert the pipe into the fitting at the pre-marked depth, secure and tighten correctly. As Airnet is lightweight and doesn’t require any machinery for fitting it can be installed by one person.

4. Minimum Downtime 

As well as being quick to install Airnet does not require any additonal treatment such as painting. Airnet pipes come painted in indsutry-standard blue or green colour. This means that as soon as the compressed air pipework is assembled the system can be re-pressurised limiting downtime to the absolute minimum. Many applications are completed and running in less than a day where the same job in galvanised steel would take 3 days+.

5. Reliabilty 

All Airnet pipe and fittings come with a 10-year warranty against any damages resulting from material defect. Airnet fittings are made from corrosion-free polymer,this considerably reduces the risk of air leakage and eliminates energy waste. This gives you peace of mind that your new pipework system is made to last.

AirNet aluminium pipe and fittings are available in the following sizes:

20mm / 25mm / 40mm / 50mm / 63mm / 80mm

The following fittings are available:-

Pipe clips
Pipe spacers
Equal and reducing sockets
90 degree elbows
45 degree elbows
Equal and reducing tees
Quick drops – Allow you to drill a hole in the pipe and fit a drop without removing any of the main pipework
Various AirNet to threaded BSP fittings
Wall mounted outlet port with built in drain
PCL, Euro and Schrader quick release couplings
Profile channel and cantilever arms for clipping
Beam and G clamps

We an authorised distributor for Airnet so if you would like any more information on the Airnet aluminium pipework system or you would like a quote to install or supply Airnet please call us on 01480 217904 or email us.