Compressor Servicing

A regular routine maintenance program can prolong the life span of your compressor dramatically.

Most piston and rotary screw air compressors are oil lubricated and the quality of the lubricating fluid degrades over time in the same way that this occurs in a car. Air/oil separators get blocked up and this reduces the efficiency of the machine as well as causing problems with oil carry over. The same thing happens to line filter and inlet air filter, after a certain amount of time the filtration material gets contaminated and the pressure differential increases causing unecessary load on the air end or pistons.

Routinely servicing your air compressor ensures your compressor is in a safe, functional condition.

We operate nationally but tend to focus our service efforts towards the following counties:-

Air compressor service Cambridgeshire
Air compressor service Bedfordshire
Air compressor service Hertfordshire
Air compressor service Essex
Air compressor service Northamptonshire
Air compressor service Norfolk
Air compressor service Suffolk

If you would like further information or a quotation to service your air compressors we will require the following information:-

  • Air compressor make, model and serial number
    • If you have any of the following equipment:Line filters – Reference numbers of the filter or element
      Oil/water separator – Make and model
      Air dryer – Make and model
      Breathing air pack – Make, model and any references from the filters

Please call 01480 217904 to speak to one of our in house engineers to discuss your compressed air system servicing requirements orĀ email