New Improved Abac Genesis

The NEW GENESIS 5.5-22kW and NEW FORMULA 5.5-30kW machines have now been released into serial production and are available to order.
We have made several changes and improvements to the NEW FORMULA and GENESIS with the latest generation of machines inheriting the genes of the acclaimed GENESIS & FORMULA Series. The NEW GENESIS & FORMULA Series offers the same robust, efficient complete solution, you expect… but the DNA just got stronger.


GENESIS 5.5-22kw What’s NEW?
* Two new group airends – C55*and C67
* New group controller Infologic 2 on fixed speed units with the option to upgrade to Airlogic 2.
* Range extension on variable speed drive units now covering all kw ratings from 7.5 – 22kw standard Airlogic 2 controller on VSD units.
* 270 / 500 litre versions up to 15kw – 500 litre standard on all units from 18.5-22kw.


Better Perfomance
* With noise levels between 62-69 dB(A) we have seen a reduction of between 4-7% ensuring units can be installed within the workplace.
* All units are designed to operate up to 46°C ambient.
* Increased Free Air Delivery up to 14% dependant on kw rating and pressure.



Quality Components
* WEG motors fitted to 5.5-15kw units
* Siemens motors fitted to 18.5-30Kw units
* Danfoss invertors on variable speed drive units
* Group airends and controllers
* Designed and built Brendola Italy


For enquiries please call 01480 217904